E-Guide for Communication Coaches and Trainers

Your guide to becoming a Top-Notch Coach

Who should read this book ?

This book is for all those Communication Trainers, Consultants, and Coaches who want to use their experience, knowledge, and expertise in Communication to help professionals and individuals voice their opinion, express themselves, and be heard.

What problem the book is solving ?

Most Communication Coaches fail to launch their business/ hustle inspite of having the knowledge, methodology, and framework. These are the top most challenges that stop them to take actions.

  • Personal Challenges: Personal issues, such as lack of self-confidence, fear of rejection, or imposter syndrome, can hinder coaches from launching their practice successfully. 

  • Lack of Business Skills: Many communication coaches focus on honing their communication and coaching skills but may lack the necessary business acumen to effectively market themselves, find clients, manage finances, and run a successful coaching practice. Business skills, such as marketing, networking, and financial management, are crucial for building a thriving coaching business. 

  • Niche Selection: Choosing a specific niche within the field of communication coaching can make a significant difference. Coaches who fail to find a well-defined niche may struggle to attract clients who are looking for specialized expertise. 

  • Limited Marketing and Visibility: A strong online and offline presence is essential for attracting clients. Some coaches may struggle to market themselves effectively, either due to a lack of marketing knowledge or a fear of self-promotion. Building a client base often requires consistent marketing efforts and a clear value proposition. 

  • Pricing and Value: Coaches must effectively communicate the value they provide to clients and set competitive pricing. If coaches do not price their services appropriately or fail to articulate their value proposition, they may struggle to attract clients willing to pay for their services. 

To overcome these challenges , aspiring communication coaches should focus on developing both their coaching skills and their business skills. They should also be persistent, adaptable, and willing to invest time and effort into marketing and networking to build their coaching practice successfully.

What you will learn in this book?

Coaches will get to understand the three pillars of a business well after reading this E-Book. For challenges like pricing, value proposition, and business blueprints, coaches may need to hire a mentor to help them create High Ticket Signature Packages.

There are 3 major ways this guide will help you-

  • Professional Development: To facilitate the professional development of aspiring coaches by equipping them with the skills, tools, and strategies needed to excel in their coaching careers. This includes guidance on effective coaching methodologies, communication models, and coaching frameworks. 

  •  Business Guidance: To offer guidance on the business aspects of communication coaching, including how to set up and manage a coaching practice, market their services, acquire clients, and handle ethical and financial considerations.  

  • Niche Exploration: To help aspiring coaches explore different niches and specializations within the broader field of communication coaching. It provides insights into the various areas where they can apply their coaching expertise, such as public speaking, leadership communication, interpersonal skills, and more. 

What you will achieve after reading this book?

I know this process sounds scary and too much of hard work. If you are confused if this path is for you, I have a checklist that helps you make a decision. Trust me, make notes as you from one chapter to another, you will get the confidence, clarity, commitment to take their first step to launch your own coaching business this year.

This book has different types of Communication Coaching Techniques, Tools, Frameworks, Sample Case Study, and the list of Communication Niche that are profitable.

 A sample case study helps you understand the process involved and how we could bring about transformation.

So what are we waiting for? … Let us take the 1st step towards our Coaching Business.

Gift yourself this E-Guide. I am with you on this journey to become a Communication Coach and make people’s voices matter.


Communication Coaching Guide for Aspiring Coaches aims to be a valuable resource that empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to become effective communication coaches, helps them navigate the complexities of the coaching profession, and ultimately benefits both coaches and their clients by improving communication skills and outcomes.

I am going to share the foundation, structure, pillars and the most important coaching mindset that helped me create an online coaching business in 2017.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BECOME AN EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATION COACH Clear Step by Step Strategies for Communication Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches to launch their business in 2024.

About the Author

My name is Sandhyaa S Pillai. I am an Executive Coach specializing in helping top-level professionals and leaders master the art of leadership communication to drive their success and influence.

As an accomplished executive myself, I understand the critical role effective communication plays in achieving leadership goals and driving organizational outcomes. I am dedicated to assisting senior-level leaders facing challenges in communicating with a global audience, cross-cultural teams, and creating an impact in hybrid teams, using a 3A strategy - a three-step leadership approach focusing on Power Presence.

I have so far worked with 15000 leaders and more for the last 10 years.
For the last 5 years I have been sharing my coaching techniques, tools, and methodologies with aspiring coaches who want to start their own coaching hustle. I run two power packed programs for communication coaches – ECCP (Executive Communication Coaching Program) and The Business of Coaching (Mentoring Program).

This E-Book is a humble attempt to contribute to the growth and development of the communication coaching profession by consolidating knowledge and best practices, and by promoting the field to potential clients and other stakeholders. 


Sandhya S Pathak

Being a single mother wasn’t a cakewalk. With friction on the personal front, the professional face couldn’t look polished. Despite the storms, I remained strong and determined. A motive to be strong and live life on my terms kept me rooted in reality. Diving into work and surpassing the hindrances polished my confidence from a different perspective. Life is the best teacher, and I was a damn good student. Overcoming fears, failures, situations, and consequences, I stand stronger, bolder, and brighter, today.

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